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Institute Code : D-6436
Shri Shamrao Patil Yadravkar Educational & Charitable Trust’s  

Sharad Institute Of Technology, Polytechnic

NBA Accredited Programs, An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute.
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Recognized by DTE, Mumbai (Govt. of Maharashtra) Affiliated to MSBTE Mumbai.
MSBTE Code : 0968, DTE Code : D-6436
Mr. Anil Bagane
Mr. Anil Bagane

Executive Director’s Message

Hon. Mr. Anil Bagane is the Executive Director of Sharad Institute of Technology devoting efforts and dynamic working style had proven an outstanding team leadership and management. He is a Reputed Industrialist and also contributing as a vice Chairman of Parvati Industrial Estate & Manufacturing Association, Yadrav (PIEMA)

These are exciting times to say the least! We face immense challenges that have impacted the financial services industry and the effects of these challenges will be felt for many years to come. The current economic woes are being felt in every Institute – no one seems immune. That being said, I believe that if we are nimble and creative we can find opportunity in the face of changes in adversity.

We have a vision to develop excellent center of technical education coupled with industrial interaction, We are insisting on the overall development of our students such as emphasis on moral and cultural values So that they will be perfect educationally as well as technically.

The new vision is very comprehensive, perhaps even aggressive, and is very achievable. Even today. One of the cornerstones of the vision is to position SIT Institute of Technology as a Thought Leader. If one looks across the landscape of the organization, they begin to realize the immense amount of talent, knowledge and resources that our members bring to the table. We have a unique opportunity to capture these resources and position SIT Institute of Technology and our members as Thought Leaders in the field of technical education.

Achievement of the goals outlined in the strategic vision is very exciting and we have moved forward on several goals already. I am honored to work with a very dedicated group of men and women who works together to spread the quality knowledge. These staff members, have devoted so many hours collectively over the past year, outside of their day jobs, to insure that the strategic vision is realized. These staff members bring an immense amount of talent, resources and experience to the table for the benefit of SIT Institute of Technology and its membership. SIT Institute of Technology as a Thought Leader continues to be our overriding theme for the year – and the journey has begun. I would encourage each and every member to join us on the journey.